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poem - altheabashar — LiveJournal

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Jan. 23rd, 2009

12:40 am - poem

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I am full of hope
and wine
but curling on the edge like a burnt napkin

despair, dread, the memories
of failure
what a cold bunch of phrases and yet
that's what it feels like

I'm not drifting away tonight
just typing
and I'll go to bed accepting
knowing when I wake up
a new day will be there
radiantly reminding me of this possibility
another reason to desire things.

the inevitable pattern is a blessing and a
We look back on the whole lot
but i doubt that this is the end of suffering
maybe resolution will crown our lonely heads
one day
maybe strangers will greet us in the morning
and know who we are

I doubt anything in this world will change twice
if anything were to happen
it would overwhelm the mind

this mad quest of life

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